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Embracing both his femininity and masculinity, Sam Morris is his very own muse. The creator and curator of sexualised art discusses the motive for his content and his upcoming short film highlighting mental health issues. 


How would you describe your youth, did you have a role model?

My youth was exceptionally eclectic compared to the norm. I grew up in the entertainment industry, either on TV or in Theatre, and I went to a stage school. I never really had many role models, but spent a lot of time around adults that I looked up to and aspired to be like.

Do you remember your first kiss, how was it?

I do. It was with a boy a little older than me, and his mouth tasted like Smirnoff Ice. It was innocent and romantic.

What advice would you give your adolescent self?

Be bolder. Be proud of your appearance. Love yourself more.



What was the catalyst for creating such erotically stimulating art?

It was a way I could explore learning to love my sexuality. I have an eye for beautiful imagery, and so to use my body as my muse was always the easiest go to.

A quote that best describes your outlook on life?

Live and let live.

“Being LGBTQ isn’t a character, it’s a human identity.”


What’s one of your favorite images on your account and why?

Im very proud of a shoot that I art directed with photographer Will Dube. It’s a sensitive shoot that really mixes my masculinity and femininity.

You’re obviously not shy when it comes to your body. Did you ever have body image issues and what advice would you have for teens in particular feeling pressured by expectations endorsed by mainstream media?

I was extremely self conscious for a very long while, and it takes time to learn to love yourself. I think if you’re a teenager with high self esteem then that’s amazing, but I think it’s rare. Change is scary, and I hated the way I looked as a teen. It just takes time to mature and develop, and love what you become. Confidence and self love is extremely sexy. Arrogance and shame isn’t.

Why do you think there is so much shame associated with sex, fetishes and sexuality?

We live in a heteronormative society in which we answer to heterosexual people. They decide if we can legally have sex, marry etc. We as LGBT people will always answer to the rules of straight cis people, which is why we must never become complacent and must always stay visible. Flaunting my sexuality isn’t crude and gratuitous to me, it’s a statement. I stay proud in the angry eyes of the straight man. For ‘It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives’.



What are some of the biggest challenges queer talent, such as artists, musicians and actors face today and how can the queer community help ?

Proper and respectful representation. Queer cinema is moving forward and many more of our stories are being told, which is progress, but the sole casting of heterosexual cis actors to tell the stories of LGBTQ people is disturbing to me. We must continue to push for honest representation. Being LGBTQ isn’t a character, it’s a human identity.

What’s your Go-To track for exercising?

At the moment, Out Of Body – Gorillaz

“Live and let live.”


What have you learnt about yourself this year?

That I’m very strong. I’ve tested my limits and push my own personal boundaries. I spent 6 months away from my own country and learned a lot about what life is about, and what I need to survive and stay happy.

Are there any young creatives that excite you for the future?

I have many friends around the world who continue to inspire me everyday with the work they are creating.

Goals for 2018?

I am going to continue exploring my art. I’ve recently finished my first short film, and will continue to move forwards with my filmmaking.



Do you have any future projects that you can tell us about?

I have a short film coming out soon, which explores a performer with mental health issues. I’m in love with the project, we’ve worked very hard (myself and the dancer), and I can’t wait to shine light on a dark topic.

Do you have any future projects that you can tell us about?

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“It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives.”

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