Edward Granger


New York Artist, Edward Granger talks fitness goals, deleting gay porn, upcoming artists and themes in his work which has been commissioned by the likes of Google and Hermès.


How was your youth, did you have a role model growing up? 

My father was a good role model for me growing up. Work ethics and being a supportive figure for me to become who and what I wanted to be.

Do you remember your first crush and who would be your pipe dream boyfriend? 

My first crush was a guy on my baseball team. I was 10 and we secretly “dated” under the radar lol. My dream boyfriend would be Henry Cavill or Omari Hardwick. 

What advice would you give your adolescent self?

Always break the fucking rules and enjoy the journey.



Do you remember one of the first times you watched porn?

Yes. I was 13 on my family computer. I didn’t know how to delete or erase the history, cache, or cookies so my parents found ALL the gay porn.

What’s one question you would most like to ask others?

“If you had the chance to meet someone you admire, whether dead or alive, what would you ask?”



Is your artwork political or apolitical and given the polarisation in the U.S. do you think there’s a role for your art in politics and activism?

My work was never about politics. However, I often speak out through social media or other platforms to support my political ideas and my activism towards my LGBTQ and other groups that have been impacted by our current administration.

What themes are consistent in your work and what do you hope people interpret from it?

Freedom, joy, energy, sex, harmony, tension.

Influences from the Fauvist movement are evident in your work. If you had to choose one color to work with what would it be?

Pink or yellow. 



When are you most vulnerable and is it something you embrace in the pursuit of creativity?

I’m most vulnerable when talking about myself or dealing with rejection.

Your Go-To tracks for exercising and gettin’ down?

Techno and tech house mixes on Soundcloud, like Mira, Giegling, Nick Hoppner, M.A.N.D.Y, Blond:ish, Bedouin.

“I’m most vulnerable when talking about myself or dealing with rejection.”


What have you learnt about yourself this year?

Stop taking everything so seriously. 🙂

Are there any young artists or creatives that make you excited for the future?

SO MANY! Trusy Benson, Misha Kahn,Thrush Holmes, Mariah Robertson, Matthew Paladino, Alex Da Corte, Josh Reames, Crosby Studios, HAHA Studios, Cristina Celestino.

Fitness goals for 2018?

More yoga. 



Do you have any future projects that you’re currently working on?

A few installations and a few private commissions. Be sure to watch my Instagram to see these projects unfold.

What would you graffiti on the back of a toilet door?


“Always break the fucking rules and enjoy the journey.”

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