May ’18 Beats

May Music Playlist


Chynna opens EL CHAMP’s May Beats with “$ (dough)” an honest track from the female rapper and ex drug addict. Kali Uchis‘ “Your Teeth In My Neck” is a understated confident track off her new album, “Isolation.” Kamai Washington‘s debut single, “Fist of Fury” from his forthcoming album, “Heaven and Earth” is a reclamation of justice buried in the composer’s bold nine and half minute track.

Female vocals and striking instrumental notes by Sudan Archives, JONES, Tinashe, Junglepussy, Empress Of and Perera Elsewhere are the body of this month’s female heavy playlist. Janelle Monáe‘s follow up track to “Pink,” “I Like That” is the track you’ll unknowingly learn the lyrics off by heart and sing as you spur yourself on. And if you need more motivation let Nicki Minaj‘s “Chun-Li,” cupcaKKE‘s “Quiz” and Cardi B‘s “I Do (feat SZA)” soundtrack May ’18.

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