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“I felt that I had to be extreme against his idiotic Neo-Nazi agenda.” The artist and singer for Fischerspooner discusses embracing queer narratives in SIR, reinventing himself as a means for survival and why faggotry should be worshipped. In the world of pop music Casey Spooner is an anomaly…and that’s exactly how he likes it.


Who was your first crush and who is your pipe dream boyfriend? 

Jessica Lang in the opening scene of King Kong stranded in the evening gown. I feel just like her sometimes!

I dreamt of my most recent ex-boyfriend which is really hard for me to admit…..but I think Frank Ocean and I could make a good team….or Paco León…or Roberto Bollé…or Tom Burr….or Paddy O’Brian…or all of them at once.

Was there a formative experience that influenced your coming out?

My coming out got tangled up in my family having financial trouble. I wasn’t able to make a clear statement. My mother found out via a friend that I was gay. She told me not to tell my father. She was afraid he would commit suicide.

What one piece of advice would you give the youth of tomorrow?

My advice would be to trust your instincts and write your own rules. Youth allows you a certain kind of freedom and power that passes as our lives get more settled. I’ve done a good job of shaking up my adulthood but it’s not easy. Don’t wait! Do it right now! Anything is possible. Also ignore me and don’t listen to your elders!



You never planned on being a musician and almost accepted that you weren’t going to be an artist. How did you stay on the artistic trajectory rather than take the “safe” choice and start working 9-5, and what would you say to someone with artistic dreams but is struggling with the realities of rent, tuition fees, etc, etc?

Life is going to be a challenge. That’s just a fact. Choose your pain. You want stability. You get monotony. You want adventure. You get loneliness and financial insecurity. But once you choose….enjoy your problems. Problems are where change happens. And life is always changing…that’s the best part. Anything can happen. 

I’ve always stayed creative and kept making things. Even if it was in small ways. Keep going. Keep being creative. It’s a muscle. You’ve got to use it. Don’t get frustrated when you can’t execute your most ambitious ideas. There will come a day when the resources present themselves. Be ready. Have a mind full of ideas and a clear philosophy. The world is full of people with lots of money and no ideas. Good ideas always win and you will survive. You will thrive. 

Kill. Fuck. Marry: Brian Kinney, Albus Dumbledore, Simon Spier?

I love Brian Kenny….I don’t care about killing or marriage. And Rich is cool too. 😉



You were writing SIR, when you and your husband of 14 years separated. Did you have an existential moment of clarity about relationships, connection, sex?

My identity was wrapped up in my relationship. I wasn’t sure where “I” began and “he” ended. That was the beauty of it. We found a way to weave ourselves together. It can be beautiful but also claustrophobic. The unraveling of that connection was painful and intense. I didn’t think I would survive. I had to become a new person. But step by step I built a new version of myself and my life. I’m surprised to say…it was good for me. I’m a better person. I miss him in many ways but we learned all we needed to learn from each other. We are friends. We are better off apart.

You created your own philosophy: Lift, Tan, Fuck. Let’s call it Spoonerism. How has this framed your life and is it a rebellion to conservative ideologies?

I did what I had to do to save myself. This was the summer after my unofficial divorce. I had to do everything I could to heal. It was my version of “Eat, Pray, Love.” These three things felt good and are still three of my favorite things in life. You could add Eat and Dance….ok and Fashion.

The videos as well as your live performances are self assertive and sexually charged, you’ve even described Have Fun Tonight as “aggressively homosexual.” What inspired this direction and do you think this will inspire other Queer artists to write without any constraints?

The United States is in a political crisis. Anyone not rich or white is under attack. This album was already about homosexual narratives but as we went into the release cycle, Trump was elected. It was one of the darkest days of my life. I felt that I had to be extreme against his idiotic Neo-Nazi agenda. I’m typically a more moderate person but I felt it was time to take a stand. I had to be shameless about my queerness. I hope I can provide some kind of peace for others who feel threatened like me.



You’ve documented personal experiences through SIR and photography exhibitions. Is this process of sharing your emotions with the universe cathartic and where do you draw the line with the personal and what you share with your audience?

Personal experience is powerful when it taps into the universal. Michael Stipe pushed me to share more and be less intellectual. I think mainstream gay culture could use more real emotion. Less gym, techno and G. I want to connect on a different level. I want fun but I also want intimacy.

What role do you hope that your album, SIR, and artistic exhibitions play in society today?

I hope it gives people a license to be open and free. I’m using this era as an excuse to explore my boundaries and free myself as well.

What’s your Go-To tracks for working out and gettin’ down?

I only listen to SoundCloud mixes. I love the independence and the randomness. It’s actually still an organic platform.

Lobster Theremin – LT Podcast 027 // Tijana

Phonica Records – Phonica Mix Series 43: DJ Deep

“Don’t wait! Do it right now! Anything is possible. Also ignore me and don’t listen to your elders!”


What have you learnt about yourself over the past year?

I’ve had to shed so many skins I wasn’t sure what would be left of me. I’ve learned I can survive on very little but I actually want more. I’m learning to ask for I want…and guess what…I’m getting it.

Are there any young creatives that excite you for the future?

Ufffffff this is too broad of a question. I literally discover something or someone every damn day. There’s so much amazing stuff flying around in the world and online. I can’t keep track.

Goals for 2018?








Is there a narrative or concern that you believe the Queer collective needs to be more conscious of, or are we on track to take over the world?

I despise the word “tolerance” when discussing queer issues. We don’t need to be tolerated. The entire spectrum of faggotry should be worshipped. We are shamans and should be treated with the utmost respect. We will be the ones to push culture forward. We will set you free.

What would you graffiti on the back of a toilet door?


“I had to be shameless about my queerness. I hope I can provide some kind of peace for others who feel threatened like me.”

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