Gay Men’s Balance of Femininity and Masculinity Asks Society to Transcend Nature





We grow up in a world that isn’t ours, so we perceive and judge, and often our eye for aesthetics becomes acute. We are Dionysian – the sensual and emotional aspects of human nature – in our psyche (collective and sometimes personal), as a natural remedy to the outsider status. We took it upon ourselves to be the arbiters of beauty. We declare what falls under the Venusian realm – the energy of the planet Venus, of love and harmony and design. For this, we inherit the loving qualities embodied by South Asian (and elsewhere) eunuchs who were identified by their gender or genderless expression as the ultimate trusted care-takers to royals. We inherit, collectively and disproportionately the astute eye for wellness and beauty.

Conversely, we are collectively masculine. We are Martian – pertaining to the raw power, assertiveness and impulsiveness of Mars energy.  Wired into us are the qualities of the Sacred Band of Thebes, the Grecian homosexual army that was known for their indomitable courage. We are born of Alexander the Great’s legacy; however, more modernly, we are “back alley,” hook-up app, bathhouse and pier-lingering hunters.

Our balance between the masculine and feminine becomes a portal to the power and harmony of society. Historical disgust toward our community is not because of our sexual acts, but because in the eternal pull between the archetypal male and female, we represent a third way – an impasse, a zero-sum game.

“Each person invested in these causes could have sophisticated debates using facts and figures, brandish fiery will in the face of conflict, while also drawing forth one’s personal experience to prove that “love wins.””

Our activism, our purpose, our altruism, as a whole – as a community – is to teach a revolution through compassion, elevating humankind. We’ve taught through the AIDS epidemic in which song-writer Holly Near wrote an anthem about us as “gentle, angry people.” We’ve taught through the power of loving, emotional narratives in the “right to marry” movements, paired with ground-breaking Apollonian – rational, ordered – political strategies. We needed both, and it just so happened that the gay community (trans folks and lesbians included), embodied both. Our leaders embodied both; our student activists embodied both. Each person invested in these causes could have sophisticated debates using facts and figures, brandishing fiery will in the face of conflict, while also drawing forth one’s personal experience to prove that “love wins.”

Gay men can more easily draw upon a deep well of feminine energy inside of us while living in male bodies. Social critic, Camille Paglia notes that when a society has reached its peak, gay men and trans people are most accepted. She notes that societies soon fall thereafter. What she gets wrong, however, is that it’s not in accepting the homosexuals, trans and androgynous people that befalls society, but in its inability to use these markers as cues to evolve into a harmonious, peace-seeking society. We light the way, but it is the majority’s responsibility to continue elevating civilization by transcending nature, as we’ve done since the first huts were built, irrigation systems installed and pharmaceuticals produced.

“…more modernly, we are “back alley,” hook-up app, bathhouse, and pier-lingering hunters.”

It is our birthright to transcend nature. By way of procreation, being gay is not natural. However, natural is not a precursor to good or bad. This is not to say that gays are not born gay, it’s to say that when we are created, we contrast nature. The purpose of this is to pull societies’ consciousness upward away from terrestrial conflict. Without gays’ blend of masculinity and femininity, the human race maintains a primal war between men and women. Many current and more so, ancient societies often revered homosexuals as spiritually gifted. The more feminine a gay man was, the more honored he was. We are seers. We aren’t forces of nature, per se, we are forces onto nature. And the higher we ascend, so too does society.

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