In a recent episode of the “Foul Territory” podcast, former Yankees prospect Ben Ruta voiced his criticism towards the organization’s heavy reliance on analytics. He also predicted a significant shake-up in the team’s minor league coaching staffs after this year.

Ruta, who was part of the Yankees organization from 2016-2021, expressed his concerns about Brian Cashman’s all-in approach to analytics and its impact on player development. He stated that he expects a complete overhaul in the minor leagues as most coaches were brought in by former hitting coach Dillon Lawson and other proponents of analytics.

During his time with the Yankees, Ruta observed a stark difference in player development before and after the introduction of analytics. He cited an example from spring training 2020 where players participated in a game called ‘pitchers vs hitters,’ where points were only scored through walks or hitting balls at speeds exceeding 95 mph. According to Ruta, this approach neglected fundamental baseball skills such as baserunning and moving runners.

The Yankees’ heavy reliance on analytics has been contentious among fans and now it seems even some players within their ranks share these sentiments. However, Ruta clarified that he is not against using analytics but believes there should be a balance between data-driven strategies and teaching fundamental baseball skills.

Despite never making it to majors during his five seasons playing minor league baseball with an average hit rate of .253 along with 24 home runs, Ruta denied accusations that his criticisms stem from personal grievances about not getting called up to play for majors.

As we head into final months of season with Yankees currently sitting at .500 mark and trailing by 6½ games for an AL wild-card spot ahead their game against Atlanta Wednesday night; these struggles have put immense pressure on team leading many to question future direction for franchise.