Michael Lewis, the author of the best-selling book “The Blind Side,” has responded to accusations from former NFL player Michael Oher, who was the subject of his book. Oher accused the wealthy family who took him in, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, of hoarding profits from the film adaptation of Lewis’s book.

Lewis stated that despite the movie’s success, no one involved in its creation saw millions of dollars from it. He suggested that Oher should be upset with Hollywood’s studio system rather than with the Tuohys.

Oher grew up poor in Memphis and was taken in by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. His journey to football stardom and his role as an NFL lineman protecting quarterbacks’ blind sides were chronicled by Lewis in “The Blind Side.”

In a recent legal filing, Oher alleged that a conservatorship was used by the Tuohys to keep profits from the movie. The lawsuit claims each member of their family received $225K plus 2.5% of defined net proceeds from a film that grossed over $300 million.

However, according to Lewis’s account, Twentieth Century Fox paid $250K for rights to adapt “The Blind Side” into a film – an amount split evenly between him and the Tuohys. After taxes and agent fees were deducted, he said his share amounted to around $70K.

Lewis also shared details about how Alcon Entertainment stepped into production after Fox dropped out due to Julia Roberts’ disinterest in starring in it. Instead of paying large salaries upfront, actors were offered shares in profits – an arrangement extended to Lewis as well.

Despite grossing half a billion dollars worldwide according to Lewis’s estimates; he claimed equity stakes weren’t as lucrative as they seemed due largely because Hollywood accounting practices are notoriously complex.

After all expenses were accounted for including agent fees and taxes; both he and The Touhys received approximately $350K each from movie profits according to him.
He also added that while they planned on sharing these royalties among all family members including Oher; he began declining his royalty checks at some point which led them depositing his share into trust fund for his son instead.

Oher had approached him two years ago about organizing speaking tour based on book but nothing came out it eventually.

While expressing sadness over current state affairs between Oher & Touhys; he said “They showered him with resources love That’s suspicious them breathtaking state mind one has do I feel sad for him.”

“The Blind Side” became cultural phenomenon earning Sandra Bullock Academy Award Best Actress It is one several best-selling books by Michael Lewis turned into successful movies along with “Moneyball” & “The Big Short.”

Meanwhile relationship between Michael Oher & Touhy Family which includes questions about paternalism racial dynamics profiting off someone else’s life story is once again under spotlight due recent legal filings made by former NFL player

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