The local media has once again shown optimism for the New Orleans Saints’ prospects for the 2023 season. In an annual survey of reporters and broadcasters who regularly cover the team, only one of the 26 respondents predicted a losing season. The majority predicted an 11-6 or 10-7 record, which is above out-of-market projections. Caesars Sportsbook has set the Saints’ over/under win total at 9½ wins this season.

Many believe that with Derek Carr as quarterback and a more experienced team, they have a good chance of winning their division and making it back to the playoffs. However, concerns about injuries to key players and depth at multiple positions remain.

The predictions range from optimistic views like Lala Sippio’s from Boot Krewe Media who predicts a strong start leading to a Super Bowl run with a final record of 12-5, to more cautious ones like Jeff Duncan’s from Times-Picayune/ who thinks anything fewer than nine wins would be disappointing predicting a final record of 9-8.