The EL CHAMP Vision

Curated on a philosophy of mindful innovation and inspirational virtuosity, EL CHAMP is the role model for the queer youth of tomorrow. 

A platform manifested to fill the void of a health and fitness magazine for the queer collective and to fuel the desire of personal development, wellbeing and cultural curiosity for our motivated readers. EL CHAMP strives to exhibit dynamic and authentic resources to inspire the youth of our digital age; equipping a generation to enrich their lives, explore and engage with the queer collective.

“To explore and engage the queer collective, championing spirit for

personal development, thirst for creative culture and contemporary

role models for the youth of our digital age.”

We believe health and fitness are vital components to leading the best adaption of your life and that being queer and sportif are not mutually exclusive. Addressing this EL CHAMP inspires to introduce real role models from a broad spectrum of masculine to effeminate individuals and redefine what it is to be a health and fitness publication.

“Goals and Grit, Offbeat Beats, Health and Fitness Ethos,

Mindful Motivation, Rebellious Art, Politics, the Art of

Wellbeing and Social Graces.”

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