Red Sox DH Justin Turner has shared his approach to hitting, which he credits for his successful transition from minor to major leagues. Turner, who was not a power hitter in the minors, said he had to make adjustments and focus on controlling the strike zone and situational hitting. Since 2014, he has achieved a .373 on-base percentage and .490 slugging percentage in over 1,000 games. He also mentors younger players like Bobby Dalbec.

Turner’s strategy involves focusing on swing decisions and pitch recognition. He looks for spin on the baseball, ball flight, and hand position to anticipate pitches. He also uses soft focus (looking at the big picture) until the pitcher begins his delivery before switching to fine focus (zooming in) on the release point.

However, Turner emphasized that these processes should be practiced extensively so they become subconscious during an actual game. Overthinking can be detrimental during an at-bat.