In a recent interview on “Up & Adams,” retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski hinted at the possibility of returning to the football field, but quickly clarified that it’s highly unlikely. The 34-year-old tight end stated that while he enjoys pretending he can still compete, the reality is quite different.

Gronkowski mentioned New York Giants’ head coach Brian Daboll as someone who might have a chance at coaxing him out of retirement, though he was quick to add that even Daboll couldn’t actually make it happen. This isn’t the first time Gronkowski has come out of retirement; in 2020, he joined his former quarterback Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after initially retiring in 2019.

The topic of another potential unretirement for Gronk continues to be a popular discussion point among fans and pundits alike. When asked about possibly playing alongside Darren Waller and how having two tight ends could elevate an offense, Gronk seemed intrigued by the idea.

Throughout his career, Gronk played in 142 regular-season games and made significant contributions with 621 receptions, over 9,000 yards and an impressive tally of 92 touchdowns. He also set records like most receptions by a tight end in a Super Bowl (23), most receiving yards by a tight end in a Super Bowl (297) and was also the first tight end with over 1,000 postseason receiving yards.